Best hydrogen rich water bottle 2020

Why Do So Many People Choose Hydrogen Water?

There are three types of healthy drinking water that everyone generally agrees on: weak alkaline water, oxygen-rich water, and hydrogen-rich water.

So what exactly do the three kinds of water do to the human body? Drink it and be healthy? We can look at them one by one.

Weak alkaline water: balance the body’s pH

The system of the human body is acidic. However, if the acidity is too high, the degree of aging will be accelerated, and it will make the body feel tired and affect memory. The pH value of weak alkaline water is weakly alkaline, rich in boron, zinc, selenium, chromium and other ionic minerals and trace elements, which can be combined with acid waste in the body and help the body to discharge.

Research from the World Health Organization has shown that drinking such low-mineralized drinking water for a long time brings the following risks:

  1. It has a direct impact on the intestinal mucosa, metabolism and dynamic balance of minerals or other human functions;
  2. The human body can only consume a small amount of calcium or magnesium;
  3. The human body can only ingest a small amount of other essential elements and trace elements;
  4. The possibility of toxic metals ingested in the human diet increases.

Oxygen-enriched water: replenish oxygen in the body

body's intestine  image

The oxygen-enriched water used to be very hot. It promotes the ability to replenish oxygen in the body by drinking water to treat diseases. At that time, the price of oxygen-enriched water was very high, and the monthly sales volume was also amazing. But people gradually discovered that the actual function of oxygen-enriched water is not strong. The oxygen-enriched water cup dissolves oxygen in water, but when the bottle cap is opened, the oxygen in the water is already released.

Hydrogen-rich water: neutralizes free radicals in the body and helps metabolism

Hydrogen-rich water can combine hydrogen and free radicals in the body to form water, and then discharge the body to achieve the purpose of removing vicious free radicals. The first to remove free radicals in the body by hydrogen was Professor Ota Masao of Japan. The success of his experiment proved the effect of hydrogen-rich water.
Hydrogen-rich water can have such an effect because hydrogen itself has no toxicity and side effects. It only changes the physical changes of water but does not change the composition, so it is completely harmless to the human body. And with the help of hydrogen-rich water, the discharge of harmful substances is no different from normal metabolism.
The water in the body is updated every 5 to 13 days. The high concentration of hydrogen-rich water can enhance the body’s immune ability, so the cells in the body will lose the conditions for malignant transformation and the spread of toxins, and the probability of human illness will naturally change.

Only high-concentration, advanced hydrogen-dissolving technology hydrogen water bottles can meet your requirements for healthy water.


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