h2 life water bottle

Why use white vinegar to soak the H2 life water bottle?

Why use white vinegar to soak the H2 life hydrogen water bottle after using it for a period of time? What is the main effect? ​​Today, H2 life will briefly introduce the reasons for soaking white vinegar.

H2 life hydrogen water bottle

1. Use of H2 life hydrogen Water Bottle

The H2 life hydrogen bottle can use pure water, mineral water, and direct drinking water below 60 degrees Celsius to produce hydrogen. The green light is on when the water bottle is charging, the red light is on when the battery is low, the green light is on for hydrogen production at 3min, the blue light is on for hydrogen production at 9min, and the different color lights is on during hydrogen production. It is recommended to drink 7 bottles of hydrogen water a day, which varies from person to person, at least 3 bottles and can drink unlimited bottles.

2. Why use white vinegar to soak the H2 life hydrogen water bottle?

When the H2 life water bottle is used for 15 to 20 days, it is recommended to soak it with white vinegar 1:1 with water for half an hour (the water level completely covers the hydrogen production groove), and then rinse it with clean water. Why is the H2 life hydrogen bottle used for soaking in white vinegar? Because after a period of time when hydrogen is produced by the hydrogen water bottle, the electrode plate of the base of the hydrogen water bottle will absorb some impurities and minerals. The white vinegar can remove impurities and minerals on the electrode plate and improve hydrogen production Efficiency and extend the service life of the electrode plate.

Under the introduction of the editor of H2 life, everyone can know: Why is the hydrogen bottle of H2 life soaked in white vinegar? Hydrogen bottle of H2 life is the team‘s ingenuity to make, from material selection, process checks at each level to technology, after several processes, multiple quality control, and a number of certificates, so the H2 life bottle is definitely your best choice.


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