With the hydrogen spa, you are not afraid of ultraviolet rays this summer

What do girls fear most in summer? It’s sunshine! The summer is hot and the ultraviolet rays are strong, which can cause damage to the skin. Studies have found that hydrogen water spa can improve skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays in summer. Let’s take a look!

Hydrogen spa in summer to protect you from ultraviolet rays

The main factor of skin aging is ultraviolet radiation. Among them, medium-wave ultraviolet rays have the greatest impact on keratinocytes, which can cause skin cells to release inflammatory factors, leading to skin inflammation and damage.

Repair damaged cells

Shenzhen Chuanghui Hydrogen Technology Development Co., Ltd. uses international high-end technology to create the hydrogen spa device, which can be used for body baths and facial spas, and enjoy the comprehensive care of high-concentration hydrogen water spa in the summer. It is suitable for people of all ages. Hydrogen water bath can directly contact the skin. Hydrogen can quickly penetrate the human skin and quickly neutralize the malignant oxygen free radicals in the body to form water and be excreted from the body.
Research shows that the higher the concentration of hydrogen in the water, the stronger the effect on the body, H2 SPA device has a high concentration of hydrogen technology, 200L water 30 minutes can generate hydrogen 400-500ppb 30 minutes 5-10L water After the concentration is as high as 1200ppb, the dissolution time of hydrogen is also very long. The main body of the hydrogen hydrotherapy instrument is separated from the hydrogen generator, and it is equipped with a 1.8-meter extension cable to prevent dangerous situations.

Protection from sun by Hydrogen spa

Any product must make users feel comfortable and easy to use before they can continue to use it. Why are all recognized good products paying attention to experience? The reason is that only if it is comfortable and easy to use, you will take the initiative to persist. The same is true for hydrogen hydrotherapy, which is a kind of comfort in terms of sight and touch. Adhere to the hydrogen bath for a long time, so that the high concentration of hydrogen molecules can quickly penetrate the human skin and protect the skin easily.


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