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3000ml hydrogen oxygen machine

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Detailed Introduction

Hydrogen oxygen machine:

1. Hydrogen to oxygen ratio 2:1: 66.67% hydrogen, 33.33% oxygen, the original ratio mixed inhalation. (so that people can breathe normally, the ratio is in accordance with the percentage of hydrogen being squeezed out)

2. The most comprehensive hydrogen production technology in the industry: SPE technology, electrolyte technology, two kinds of hydrogen production technology.

Pure water electrolysis technology Electrolyte technology The requirement of water is high Pure water

. Full flow specification output: 450ml/min, 600ml/min, 900ml/min, 1800ml/min, 3000ml/min

4. No wetting bottle technology: the latest generation of technology, discarding the wetting bottle.

5. HD large screen, simple operation and easy to use: foolish one-key operation of hydrogen production, the elderly and children can easily operate.

6. Craftsmanship quality: excellent technology, stable performance, long service life, up to 10000 hours or more.

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