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Hydrogen Machine Program,Services provided by a professional team

Professional production of hydrogen machine factory

Dozens of well-known partners such as Tsinghua University

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Six advantages

  • Technology InnovationWe are more professional

    Adopting patented advanced technology and gathering the characteristics of excellent models in the industry,
    Multi-industry applications

  • Safe and long service lifeEasy to use

    The entire product line has been tested by authoritative testing institutions, with more than 20 authoritative testing reports
    Core technology patent certification

  • Durable productsTop Material

    Management and production with reference to the standards and concepts of developed countries
    Strict control of the use of advanced technology in the industry

  • Economic PerformanceWe are cost effective

    Cost-effective and long service life
    Large exports from more than 50 developed countries worldwide

  • Professional after-sales Focus on Products service

    Rich industry experience, leading all the way, the most comprehensive product line
    The elite team of the industry

  • Scope of applicationWe are more complete

    Provide product solutions and production solutions,
    Customized Services

20 years of corporate history,A deep technical background

National certified title of chief engineer talent team

The product adopts the international advanced SPE electrolysis technology, hydrogen-oxygen separation technology and hydrogen dissolution storage technology

+86 180 2698 1591
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Shenzhen Chuang Hui Hydrogen Technology Development Co.

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Chuanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise deeply engaged in the fifield of health and beauty for 20 years, integrating product development, production, sales and t...

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